9 Tips for Success When Selling on Amazon Marketplace

Whether you are a new or seasoned Amazon seller, I am sure you have invested time and effort in selling and promoting your listings.

According to Amazon, nearly 50% of the products sold on the website come from marketplace sellers. It is no wonder why sellers are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.

In this article, I will provide you with the top nine tips you can use to improve your selling strategy on Amazon marketplace and stand out among the competition.

1. Optimize Product Details

Amazon sells millions of products (12 million to be precise). Customers must search and compare more products before they decide to purchase.

Amazon makes this pretty simple. The platform allows buyers to browse through product offerings by using different product attributes. Customers often type in a specific product, for example, Mac Air case 15 inches white.

Customers want to narrow down to the specific product they are looking for. The sellers need to make sure the products show up at the top of these searches.

The platform uses your product information to match customers’ search for your products. It is important to provide accurate product information including title, description, search terms, product identifiers, color, size, and more.

2. Use Competitive Pricing

Many customers shop on Amazon to detect the lowest price. Amazon sellers must know what prices they are competing against and how to list items at a good price.

Before you set your prices, be prepared to do some research on what products like yours are selling for. Having a good price can help your products show up at the top.

If you want, you can use the Match Low Price feature to help you match the lowest prices on Amazon for your items.

3. Investment Isn’t an Option, it is a Necessity

Selling on Amazon on a limited budget is not easy. You may find out you won’t be able to order enough products, your marketing options are limited, and you may run out of stock before placing a re-order.

Knowing this, why do so many people try Amazon?

There are two reasons – hope and fear

People feel hope about Fulfillment by Amazon program. As with all ecommerce businesses (dropshipping, niche websites, affiliate, and etc.) as people make money, more and more inexperienced business owners become attracted to the idea.

Investing in a product and putting your focus behind it is overwhelming. Prosperous sellers set themselves up for success by accepting risks. At the end of the day, they are the ones who reap the rewards and we all know that the rewards on Amazon are huge.

You need to find your own way to the top.

4. Track Your Competition

One big mistake a lot of new Amazon sellers make is forgetting about competition. Behind each of the competitor’s listing is a person who wants to succeed just as you do. These people are just as active in the researching, split testing, sales process, and they also want to win.

It is important to track your competition after your product launches. Pay attention to what changes they make to their products and stay ahead of them.

The best way to track your competition is by using a product tracker feature or the Jungle Scout Web App.

5. Measure Your Profits

A lot of sellers on Amazon fail to track their profits. This is a huge mistake. Many sellers don’t know how to calculate their revenues and profitability. Amazon has various fees and costs and when you add Amazon PPC, it can become complicated.

Fetcher is the number one Amazon accounting software. It is an app that integrated directly with Amazon seller central and takes care of calculations including Amazon fees, sales price, PPC charges, subscription and storage fees, promotions, returns, and cost of products.

Many sellers are surprised by the end results.

The app is quite helpful. It shows you where you need to make changes, whether it is on the cost of goods, price or Amazon PPC spend.

6. Make Attempts to Win the Buy Box

Having your item displayed in the Buy Box is a huge advantage. The buy box is presented on the product page on the right side and most sellers who win this notice an expansion in sales. How can one win the buy box?

Even though there is no straight answer as Algorithm team keeps the algorithm a secret, there are some tips you can adopt to improve your chances of winning the Buy Box.

  • Ensure you have inventory availability
  • Offer competitive and low prices
  • Offer your items using FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)
  • Receive positive customer reviews
  • Maintain a high seller rating
  • Create item bundles (for example, 3 or more products sold as one).

7. Work to Continually Improve Your Store Performance

Your Amazon store isn’t going to run itself. If you are serious about becoming a successful seller and selling a large volume of products, you will need to monitor your performance regularly. By doing so, you will be able to improve your strategy and hopefully achieve your goals.

Pay attention to the sales, seller rating, and return rate. All of these factors are essential in determining where you have room for growth and improvement.

8. Follow Amazon’s Rules

You aren’t going to get away with being “smart” and trying to take advantage of Amazon marketplace. It is recommended to keep up to date with rules and policies so that you don’t make any mistakes.

If you don’t follow the rules, your account will be suspended or penalized.

9. Make Customer Service Your Top Priority

Customer service is crucial for customer retention and turning buyers into loyal customers.

Customers love to shop with sellers that they know will do everything to make sure their needs and desires are met.

This means dealing with problems in a professional manner, responding to customer questions, and handling returns with ease.

That’s it. Those are the top Amazon selling tips that will help you become a successful seller. Let us know what kind of results you notice when implementing these tips and share any other tips that you think can benefit the rest of the Amazon selling community.

Thank you for publishing and explaining in such an easy and enjoyable way these topics related to e-commerce and digital marketing".

Mary C. 


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